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Mayfair Funding Solutions


We are your one stop capital specialist, helping you to find the strategy and funding you need for your business.

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    Credit Card Proccesing

    We offer the most competitive rates in the industry through our affiliate processor. We can reduce your monthly credit card processing fee by 25-50%. This comes with free paper, free terminal, no locked in contract and 24/7 customer support.

    Rates as low as 1%

    Business Funding

    Get capital for your business. We provide a wide range of business funding options to suit your unique operation.

    Up to 2 million

    Corporate Services

    Structure your business for maximum profits, whilst minimizing overhead expenses. We work hand in hand with our affiliate company that specialize in unique corporate solutions

    Free initial consultation and assessment

    How it works

    Getting the capital you need to grow is simple with Mayfair Funding Solutions


    A merchant cash advance is one of the quickest ways to raise capital for your business by selling a portion of your future receivables to the lender. Complete our application form and submit to us with your last 3 months of business bank statement for a non-obligated quotation or offer.

    Get Approved

    As a business owner, you can receive a merchant cash advance (MCA) for up to the amount of your monthly turnover, so whatever your bank & credit card statement shows as your monthly turnover you can be given up to that amount in exchange for your future sales.

    Get Funded

    Payback is easy. There are no invoices or checks to write. We receive a small percentage of your business daily or weekly sales by agreeing for direct debit to be taken from account. That percentage never changes. So even if business is slow, you’ll pay the same percentage of sales. When business picks up you could even pay back faster, and there’s never a prepayment penalty

    Know About

    Mayfair Funding Solutions

    We are the business capital specialist serving the United States with flexible lending and underwriting decision which is not algorithm based. We aim to assist small and medium size businesses to obtain the working capital needed for their success. We take an open approach to every funding requests as we realize each business can have their own unique path to success.
    Here at Mayfair Funding Solutions, our ambition is to assist you with business capital. We do this through our capital funding solutions by working with investors, offering very flexible term which allows merchants to be funded in as little as 24 hrs.

    What kind of business funding do we offer?

    Small Business Funding

    Small Business Funding

    This is referred to the SBA funding. They do have longer terms with monthly payments option, but they are more difficult to get. If merchants are approved, they can get a substantial amount of funding for their business

    Merchant Cash Advance

    Merchant Cash Advance

    These are more short-term advances given to merchants against the sales of their future receivables. These advances are easy to get, even if merchants have bad credit they can be approved. The application process is simple, and merchant can receive funding within 24 hours. Although these advances are more expensive with daily and weekly payments, the return on your investments can be well worth it at times.

    Line of Credit

    Line of Credit

    This is ideal for businesses that are looking for longer term credit facility .A line of credit is established for the business from which merchants can continually draw down from whenever they need funding .Sometimes it can be extended or renewed on a yearly basis .

    Invoice Financing

    Invoice Financing

    At times you may have outstanding invoices with your clients. We can assist in providing you an advance against those invoices until they are paid.

    Collateralized Funding

    Collateralized Funding

    Merchants can obtain secure funding against their properties; this can be used as a collateral thus allowing them to obtain a larger amount of funding. This process is usually more complex as it requires an appraisal of the property.

    Equiptment Financing

    Equiptment Financing

    Merchants who need money to purchase equipment or machinery for their business, can be qualied for our equipment nancing program. This will help you to spread the payments over a longer period.

    Our Customer Stories

    “They gave me the money when my bank refused me, I am very happy I found them.”

    Lee Johnson
    Owner of Glow Tree Cutters

    “Mayfair Funding is always available whenever I need a top up on capital, they are quick and very reliable .I love working with them.”

    Heather Scott
    Owner of Glow Tree Cutters

    How do I get started?

    Qualifying requirements are minimal. You must be in business for at least 6 months, grossing a minimum of 5 k monthly in revenues and you do have an active business bank account: It helps if your business accepts credit card payments, as the option of a taking a portion of your credit card sales can be available instead of a daily debit.

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